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Some Indian Minsters.

For first picture My prescription is,

first I want to mention, what is the problem in this picture, and the crisis is the location of our National flag, It is our arrogant for all Indian citizen and it is in her leg, and she is our minister, who is doing job for it. I have some knowledge about our NATIONAL FLAG, which I want to share,

Design of national flag was adopted by the Constituent Assembly of India on July 22; 1947.It’s design is that of the wheel that appears on the abacus of the Sarnath Lion Capital of Ashoka. It has 24 spokes. The National Flag is a horizontal tricolour of deep saffron (kesari) at the top, white in the middle and dark green at the bottom in equal proportions. Ratio of the width of the flag to its length is 2:3. In the center of the white band is a navy blue wheel that represents the Dharma Chakra Ashoka.

And now at my glance the person, who don’t care about the nation sign. They should give the resign. Because if they are not capable to maintain our supercilious, then how can we imagine for the growth.

Now for second picture, In our country, every body include child knows that any where, if there is music or song of our NATIONAL ANTHEM “Jana-Gana Mana” every body will standup on the place, It is our salute to our country, our feelings for our country. I hope we all have proud to do it. Because I feel same, Then what happened with our honorable ministers Mr. Lalu Prasad & Rabadi devi. It shows their feeling for our country, and we are expecting from them, we can’t expect.

If there is pain in your knees then go home, at least don’t show this image to others who is following you, Please don’t feel compassion on us. I have some knowledge about our National Anthem, Rabindranath T agore, composed the song “Jana Gana Mana” which was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on January 24 ;1950. It was first sung on December 27; 1911 at the Calcutta (now Kolkata) session of the Indian National congress.

I most disappointed by Third picture, Because in this picture our National Flag is well dressed on her leg, means It would have done by some body for her specially, our politicians are very old now, they have so much knowledge that they all not capable to execute it, so they won’t be proficient to effect their idea for our nations, it is our responsibility to free them all from their services which are now headache for them.


What is next topic dear..

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My Golden memories-Bahety colony-part 1

All kind of golden memories for me in Bahety colony, the memories were from my babyhood to college life and still…They all fantastic.

I used to play cricket and it was famous to play cricket on terrace as well . It was fantastic to play and do clash on, who will pick the ball, many times I had to go. Because in my group I was younger. I had a group there were all member in this group have same age. But I always love to stay with elder ones.

In starting of my  school days, I didn’t like to go school but what to do, there were my family & I think they all had  just one aim that  any how condition himanshu should be in school in any how condition, and this responsibility always on my elder brother’s shoulder. He always used a bicycle to drop me at school, during this journey from home to school  my brother would be wanting to kill me, because  I played all frank on the bicycle, Just drop the shoes on road and when my brother just put on the shoes and start to drive the bicycle then I just dropped my bag..:)

But after some years when I was in 8th , I was regularly went to school, in any how condition doesn’t matter that I am ill. And now scene is totally different now my parents were telling me don’t go to school.

And now when I was in 8th ,I took the retirement from cricket because I was always in team for fielding and now I was using the game to play is, Table Tennis

And then I came back again in cricket, as a batsman and a bowler who can bowl by both hands, and this confidence was just because I want to spend my time with my bahety colony friend group.

It is nothing about my home colony, but time is very less and memories are ……..

so as we decided Mr our next topic will be on,

Picture precipitation…

which i did add in my gallery..

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Superior Weekend

Today is a big pressure on me, I had to submit a lot’s of things to my very old seniors means they are all already crossed 55 years, and I had meting with them. But the meting was fantastic. I had a wonderful weekend with my family friends; this weekend had all things, I am using this words because every weekend, which already passed away in my life I did in all just Masti Masti and Masti, but at this weekend there were some steps to dream. My precious Dreams. I want all in my life and I am very happy and very thankful to my dear friend Dushyant mk to give me this opportunity to do work on IELTS notes with him. now we knows, what is the structure of exam and how to use the study material, I am getting the interest to do studies and it is a good sign for me and one more and good thing is to see the movies is also count in studies. But one more thing which I want to do share specially with is, I am using this format of studies for my (Defense Services) dreams, because it is very close to it, but it is true, that I love to do it with you, But IELTS is a gate for me. So if I get the chance to do M.S. I will prefer to satellite courses and I am enthused to go for this exam as soon as possible

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I thought some thing, about my Special one……

From last few days I was talking with some one
It was not first time when I was talking with the girl,But this time it was special. Why I don’t know!
Otherwise if I am getting friendly with some one, this is very sure I will be getting bored, By him/her or doggy…
But this time. I was feeling better and better…day after day…& the thing is, I was thinking why I am not getting bored by this special-one .actually it is always happened with me to getting bored very soon by anything, But because of this thing, I felt that i had interest in all things, and little bit knowledge about that.

But by this special person now I have no time to think about any thing, I give my most of time to her.
I am telling these entire because I have some dreams. I want them, they all my passion. And after some year when, I will see me that some thing (dream) is not with me.
May be I can do blame to this person,

I am saying this because I saw many friends, who destroy their carrier because of some special person, and then does the blame to the special friend (at my glance, if they are special then it is GOD gifted) means indirectly they are blaming to GOD. So cheep man.

So by this lesson of my life I learn that,
“we should be careful to our gifts, which are given us by GOD and make them our strength in the journey, called life.”

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