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I thought some thing, about my Special one……

From last few days I was talking with some one
It was not first time when I was talking with the girl,But this time it was special. Why I don’t know!
Otherwise if I am getting friendly with some one, this is very sure I will be getting bored, By him/her or doggy…
But this time. I was feeling better and better…day after day…& the thing is, I was thinking why I am not getting bored by this special-one .actually it is always happened with me to getting bored very soon by anything, But because of this thing, I felt that i had interest in all things, and little bit knowledge about that.

But by this special person now I have no time to think about any thing, I give my most of time to her.
I am telling these entire because I have some dreams. I want them, they all my passion. And after some year when, I will see me that some thing (dream) is not with me.
May be I can do blame to this person,

I am saying this because I saw many friends, who destroy their carrier because of some special person, and then does the blame to the special friend (at my glance, if they are special then it is GOD gifted) means indirectly they are blaming to GOD. So cheep man.

So by this lesson of my life I learn that,
“we should be careful to our gifts, which are given us by GOD and make them our strength in the journey, called life.”

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